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You’ve made the right choice by coming to us – why?

  • we have experience, concentration and specialisation in the field of advertising and marketing dating back to 1993
  • extensive market overview
  • wide database of personnel operating on this market
  • fast solutions at all times
  • guaranteed and discrete assistance in mediating interviews with these candidates
  • in seeking suitable candidates we make use not only of databases and advertisements but also the method of direct selection of suitable candidates (headhunting)
    • individual approach upon resolving each employee selection
    • effective and discrete method of finding top quality professionals for your company
    • you save time and costs on the actual implementation of the selection proceedings and induction of your key employee

our candidates

Our candidates are only those employees who have undertaken an interview with our consultant. At the interview we ascertain details about the education, practice and specific experiences of the candidate. We also concentrate on the personality of the candidate, overall bearing and presentation. Only following success at the interviews may the candidate (depending on the type and length of practice) be recommended to the client company. We also secure references upon clients’ request.

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